Vehicle Forensics In Criminal Investigation


New trends in digital forensics indicates there is increasing focus on Vehicle Forensics both in industry and in law enforcement agencies as enormous amounts of data are stored in Vehicles.

Modern Vehicles Contain :

● 100+ Computer Systems

● 300 Million Lines of Code

● 25 GBs of Data Generated Per Hour


Analysis of vehicle data will answer key questions for investigators

What Happened ?

Where it Occurred ?

Who was Involved ?

• Linking a particular vehicle to a certain location at a specific date and time

• Identifying the general path of travel of a vehicle for a particular date and time

• Linking a particular vehicle to a sequence in question for events during a particular date and time

• Establishing a general timeline of events for a period of time under investigation

• Linking a particular individual to a vehicle at a certain date and time

• Identifying potential sources for driver inattention

• Identifying the contacts and potential networks for individuals under investigation

• Identifying door open and close events to determine if someone had entered or exited a particular vehicle at a specific date and time

Where it can be used?

● Road traffic accidents

● Criminal cases where Vehicle is involved

● Vehicle robberies

● Tracing movement of accused/victim

● Verifying suspect’s alibi

● Driver identification

● Investigations/enquiry against Govt. officials

● Fact finding on incidents involving patrolling vehicles and other police vehicles

Vehicle Brands Which Support Data Acquisition

Tools support more than 18,000 vehicles globally

| AUDI | Jeep | | BMW | Mercedes-Benz | | Cadillac | Mercury | | Chevrolet | Nissan | | FIAT | Skoda |

| Ford | Toyota | | Hyundai/Kia | Volkswagen | | INFINITI | Volvo | | Honda | Renault | | Hummer |Dodge | |Many more……..

Vehicle Forensic Tools Available

The iVe Ecosystem - https://berla.co/ - This is widely used and best tool available.

Traditional Digital Forensic Tools can be used to analyse GPS/ Navigation/ Infotainment Systems.

Vehicle Forensic Services Available

Black Swan Digital Forensics (US) - https://blackswandf.com/vehicle-forensics/

Teel Tech (USA & Canada) - https://teeltechcanada.com/digital-forensic-services/vehicle-system-forensics/

Digital Forensics Corp (USA & Canada) - https://www.digitalforensics.com/digital-forensics/automotive-forensics

Harper Shaw Consultants (UK) - http://harpershaw.co.uk/

Envista Forensics (US, Europe & Singapore) - https://www.envistaforensics.com/services/digital-forensics-investigation/telematics-and-infotainment-forensics/

3EF (UK) - https://www.3ef.co.uk/vehicle-data-forensics.html

Secur (South Africa) - https://www.secur.co.za/solutions/vehicle-forensics/

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