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Data collection is the most important step in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis which starts with collecting the basic details of a person like name, phone number, address etc. We find enormous resources to achieve this objective but most of them are mainly focused on US and Europe and may not be effective in finding people in other countries. Hence I have tried to find different ways to find people and collect data pertaining to them which can be used for further OSINT analysis in Indian context. Below are the useful links which can be used to find Indian people and Indian phone numbers. These links are not arranged as per their usefulness, it is left to the user to choose website of utility.

I am not discussing about Google Search, Social Media Search and other popular searches commonly used in OSINT!


Indian People Directory (https://www.indianpeopledirectory.com/)

Though not very user friendly Indian People Directory (IPD) can be handy when you know the state or city of the target. It has options to search by name, phone numbers and email Ids. But it allows limited number of free searches after which we need to register to create a sock puppet account. Interestingly they also have provision to access information over SMS and WhatsApp.

Indian Finders (https://www.indianfinders.com/)

Indian Finders is an excellent portal to search people. Though limited information is available on the website, search is easy and website is user friendly. We can also use 'Advanced Search' feature if we have more information on the target. People can even be searched alphabetically in the directory. It does not require creation of account. It has an additional feature of 'Vehicle Search' which can be very useful during data collection. Vehicle search offers interesting details including name of the owner, dates, make and model of the vehicle, NOC details etc.

White Pages (https://whitepages.in/)

White Pages is a good source of information but it was showing server related issues when this blog was written. In addition to general 'people search' it has special search features wherein a person can be searched in Mail Pages, Press Archive, Geni, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yellow Pages.

ContactofIndia.com (http://www.contactofindia.com/index.php)

ContactofIndia.com is a unique platform for searching Indian people. Limited features are available for anonymous search. But better search is possible on creation of account (registration) which requires you to give even your phone number.

Infobel (https://www.infobel.com/fr/india)

Infobel is a global platform but found to be useful for India too. It is particularly useful for searching firms or businessmen. If you get lucky at this website you can get target's address and phone number.

India People Finder (https://indiabook.com/cgi-bin/wp/db.cgi?db=default&uid=default)

India People Finder by IndianBook.com (Megrisoft) has basic UI with multiple fields to search people by name. It has provision to enter additional details pertaining to target person which naturally yields better search results. Though the database appears to be small, the amount of information available pertaining to a person is huge and an OSINT investigator can not miss it. Information is available under following heads;

| | | :---------- | | First Name: | | Last Name: | | Sex: | | Address: | | City: | | State: | | Country: | | Zip: | | Phone: | | Fax: | | Mobile: | | URL: | | Email: | | Date: |

Family Search

FamilySearch.org is good place to find information on deceased persons in historical records. You need to create a sock puppet account to search for information on persons of interest.


True Caller (https://www.truecaller.com/)

True Caller is the best way to search phone numbers in India. It not only shows the name of the user as saved by the other users but also sometimes provides links to their social media profiles as well. The biggest risk of using True Caller is that target may be notified by the true caller application that someone has viewed his/her profile on True Caller. If the target is a premium user it may also disclose the identity of the investigator who has searched the target number.

Emobile Tracker (https://www.emobiletracker.com/)

Emobile tracker is one of the best mobile trackers available in India. I would rate this better than true caller for the reason that it will not notify the owner of the number about the search but furnishes the name of the owner as available on the internet. This gives additional information as compared to other methods.

Find and Trace (https://www.findandtrace.com/)

Find and Trace website is good way to find location of mobile phone number and location of landline numbers. Website is simple and easy to use and there is no need to login to search the number.

Trace Phone Number (https://www.tracephonenumber.in/)

Trace Phone Number is a simple application to track the location of mobile phone numbers. It will also furnish the activation year and network operator.

Mobile Number Tracker (https://mobilenumbertracker.com/)

Mobile Number Tracker portal gives us the same information as that of other sources above but plots the location on the map. Though the location may not be very useful but it helps in further data collection using other OSINT tools as it narrows down the search criteria.

Search Yellow Directory (https://www.searchyellowdirectory.com/)

In addition to the other search features Search Yellow Directory also provides for search of mobile and landline phone numbers.

Bharatiya Mobile (https://trace.bharatiyamobile.com/index.php)

Trace feature in Bharatiya Mobile can be also used to search Indian mobile numbers

PPP India (https://www.pppindia.com/mobile-number-locator/)

Mobile number locator feature of pppindia.com can be used for tracing the location and service provider of Indian mobile numbers.

India Trace (https://www.indiatrace.com/)

India Trace provides multiple search services including tracing mobile and landline numbers, tracing vehicle numbers, IP addresses, bulk SMS senders and many more.

Mobile Number Tracker in Etrace (https://etrace.in/mobile-number-tracker/)

Mobile Number Tracker feature in etrace.in also allows searching of mobile numbers in its portal.

TechWelkin Tools (https://techwelkin.com/tools/trace-mobile-number/)

Mobile Number Tracer feature of TechWelkin is another tool to collect basic information pertaining to a mobile number.

BMobile (https://bmobile.in/)

Indian mobile number can be searched for basic details in Bmobile site.

India on a Page (http://www.indiaonapage.com/mobilenumbertrace)

India on a page website has plethora of search features and mobile/landline number trace is one of them.

Gadget Council (https://www.gadgetcouncil.com/mobile-tracker/)

Mobile Tracker feature in Gadget Council website is equally good for searching basic details of a phone number.

Free lookup (https://free-lookup.net/)

Free Lookup has a very attractive and simple user interface.

Hacktrix (https://www.hacktrix.com/)

Trace Mobile Location feature of hacktrix.com is another useful URL to trace phone number location and service provider details

It should be noted that above locations obtained in phone number searches are not exact locations and should be seen in broader perspective to narrow down our search. Further service provider details may not be updated information as many people frequently change service providers through Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

Posted on 30 Mar 21 By KA Forensics
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