Curated List of Digital Forensic Tools for Beginners


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Due to diversity in operating systems, file systems, encryption, types of hardware etc., no single tool supports all types of digital devices. We need to depend on variety of digital forensic tools (free and commercial) to achieve our goals. This is an effort to compile all available tools making it readily available for digital forensic community. Please note that tools are not sorted based on their utility and importance. Please ignore if any tool is added to wrong category.

Disk Forensics

Mobile Forensics

Live/Memory forensics

Network Forensics

Parsing, Extraction and Analysis

Recovery and Repairing


Drone Forensics

IoT Forensics

USB Forensics

Cloud Forensics

Vehicle Forensics

Video/Image Forensics

Advanced Forensic Tools - Chipoff/JTAG/ISP etc .

Crypto / Dark Web

Steganography Detection

Other Tools

Integrated frameworks/platforms, VMs & Distros

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